Where should the content manager get inspiration?

There are 5 primary sources to stumble upon post ideas. Mostly everyone knows about them, but today we want to share a few blogs and pages from which we personally get inspiration sometimes. Even if it is not related to our projects, these people and their creative works drive us to think more deeply about the process and results.

  1. Instagram.
    One of the mainly used social media platforms in the world right now. And the first account that we want to talk about is @love.watts (МОЖНО СДЕЛАТЬ ГИПЕРССЫЛКОЙ). It is a page where all the most creative modern artworks are collected. There are many crazy pieces of art, and you can check all of them on love.watts account. They collect the most genius and unusual digital and physical art objects. The second account is a page of USA-based creator @pablo.rochat. He has done creative advertisements for many world-famous brands, such as Hermes, New York Times, Nike, Balenciaga and more! The last inspo source on Instagram that we want to talk about today is mostly for fashion inspiration. @voguemagazine, @vogueparis, @vogueitaly, @harpersbazaarus, @elleusa and other fashion digital journals can have many references for your shoots and creative ads.
  2. TikTok
    Many people think that kids mostly use TikTok and TikTok dancers, but right now, this social media platform is getting even more popular among adults, people working age and even elder! The page that has impressed us is @arianteo. His edits inspire many Instagram creators and photographers. TikTok is a fast-changing platform; content is generated every second, so we are sure that you will find something that will help you!
  3. Savee.it
    Photographers and designers mostly use this website, and it is an excellent source to get good colour blocks, match different styles and get references for your content.
  4. Pinterest
    The most favourite platform of all content creators, social media managers and photographers! You can find many different type designs, Instagram templates, ideas for postings, and even more!
  5. Books
    The last most used source of inspiration is obvious! Training brains is always important inf you are thinking about a long-term perspective. A few of our favourite “creative thinking” books are:

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